Crazy Legs. It’s the uncontrollable urge to dance, to be overcome with joy and passion. Think of it as the cousin to “happy feet." Our name stems from the lineage of company founder, Tom Cappello. As a young lad, Tom would often witness his grandfather, Tomoso Cappello, rise from his seat at family gatherings and shout “I’ve got crazy legs!” followed by a spontaneous, nearly-blinding display of Grandpappy’s legs oscillating wildly like wings of a bird struggling for flight. Into the night Tomoso Cappello would dance, celebrating the pure joy of his life’s abundance. At Crazy Legs Productions, we feel this same uncontrollable urge to tell stories. Stories that spread joy as Grandpappy Cappello felt, and stories that can pierce the soul as the most compelling expose’ can achieve. We are a storytelling production company – we live to interpret stories through our filmmaking talents so that the message reaches those that matter, in a way that delivers.